Off-line Meet Up For Conversations

How important is meeting your friend in a restaurant, bar or maybe a coffee shop? Will you be satisfied talking to your friends and family once in a while on the phone or on social media?

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  1. Today, we practically know everything about everybody via emails or social media channels but don’t you deprived of actually seeing your friend in person? Skype call with your bunch of girl gang is agreed idea to be in touch but actually meeting every few weeks and having great gossip sessions is much better! Karaoke can be done online but the fun of going with your friends and doing it all together at a pub is a different story altogether.

    This goes a long way in showing that offline is still very relevant and probably much more personal, private and intimate than online!

    Online is a great way to fix up dates and catch up with each other or maybe even meet new and interesting people, but what fun to actually meet up with them in person! In fact, MixiNity, an upcoming website to meet new, interesting, exciting and like minded people, is a great way to meet people online, form groups, hang out offline for a while but meet up outside/offline too! MixiNity is a great place to meet like minded people - if you love drums, find some people in your area and form a drumming group. Meet up on weekends and have some fun, or are you one of those who love to read romantic novels? Form a book club in your city with like minded individuals and then meet up to exchange books and maybe have manifold discussions about them!

    The avenues are many and people plenty! It is just a matter of actually finding these interesting people, people whom you can discuss great thoughts and have fun with in your area!

    But remember, meeting up with new people or interesting people in a new city is a great beginning of times ahead. You cannot be stuck to your laptop 24/7. You need to actually get out and meet people in a real setting and not just reel setting!

    Find them via MixiNity, form mixers or clubs and meet up with them whenever possible. You never know what might happen next!