Keith Haring an Under-Appreciated Gem in the Modern Art World

Next to Andy Warhol, it is easy to forget that acclaimed artist, Keith Haring, is just as odd in his own way.


  1. Next to Andy Warhol, it is easy to forget that acclaimed artist, Keith Haring, is just as odd in his own way. His work, spanning a large portion of the 80s, has not garnered as large of an audience. Many of his fans would argue that this was a cultural slight- a moment where many people passed his whimsical work over in favor of something a little more popular. Keith Haring is most certainly under-appreciated. Fortunately, Print Finders has brought back a handful of his best works in the form of this website. Art posters are substantially more affordable than the original counterparts. Below are some of his finest works.

    Red Heart

    Keith Haring deployed a lot of red in his work. One of his themes seems to be a modernized version of love. One of his more daring yet adorable pieces remained untitled. Keith Haring drew two stick figure type characters lifting up a huge heart. They are lifting it up together, which is both thematically rich and pleasing. The design is entirely in black and white, aside from the large heart that overwhelms the image. It is available on the official website as an art poster.

    Hieroglyphic Man

    Haring’s ability to make sense of dense images was always appreciated. Another untitled piece from the early 80s featured an edged out man amidst many smaller visuals. The visuals surrounding him seem hieroglyphic in nature. This gives the work a very definitive and vibrant nature. The man is outlined in red, yet all the hieroglyphic graphics around him are in black. The image is daring and entertaining.

    Colorful People

    MC Escher was likely a big influence on Haring. Escher toyed with a lot of visual ideas. For example, many of his works featured an object changing into another object slowly across the page. This transformation of images fit like a puzzle that repeated itself for the entire work. Haring’s untitled Palladium work is like a childish and colorful subversion of MC Escher’s usually dark and moody works. It features many stick-like men dancing around bright splashes of color. The work can definitely be seen as cute and simple. But, it is Haring’s overlap and style that beams from the work. It goes without saying that this piece is available right now at Print Finders, alongside other art posters for sale.

    Keith Haring fans can find the full inventory of his work at this website, View Source. Art fans can find work from Andy Warhol, Avery Tillmon, and other contemporary artists who managed to do bizarre things in the art world.