The Controversy of Dental Flippers for Beauty Pageants

Dental flippers help children losing their baby teeth to appear as through they have perfectly straight pearly whites. How does this affect their ego and who is banning them?

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  1. It is no secret that TLC's show Toddlers & Tiaras has brought out the dark side of beauty pageants.   Since the show's release there have been irate parents and adults everywhere petitioning the show's removal from public television.  
  2. On almost every episode a child can be seen distraught or upset over the pressure they face each day.  Their hair is being pulled, fake tanning sprays are being applied and thousands of dollars worth of makeup is caked onto their young little faces.  But beyond all the fake accessories the dental flipper has become the most controversial.  
  3. Toddlers & Tiaras - Flippers
  4. Flippers are false teeth that cover the child's natural smile.  Since around the age of 6 children lose their natural baby teeth and they start to get their adult set they often end up with missing or crooked teeth.  But these dental flippers temporarily fix the problem.  Parents seek out special dentists that take a mold of the child's teeth so the flipper fits correctly.  And it is not always because teeth are missing that children need to wear these.  Sometimes it is as simple as the fact that the child's natural teeth are "too small" or "too yellow".
  5. Every beauty pageant is different and each competition can choose to ban an enhancement.  Many competitions have chosen to ban dental flippers in particular.  One reason is because they are so fake.  Since so much about these children is already artificial and deceptive, judges want to keep something natural.  Another reason is due to self-esteem.  Their usage is teaching children at a very young age that your teeth need to be flawless.  And most average people do not have perfect teeth due to the high cost so usually celebrities are the few people that can afford the high maintenance cost.  
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  7. Las Vegas dentists can analyze your smile and determine the best procedures for you or your child.  Teeth can be replaced and corrected for a reasonable cost.  Let your child still be a little girl while she still can.  Try not to focus on something as superficial as a dental flipper.