Futurists Take on the World of Information

UMD's iSchool and journalism school tackled the future of information, with prominent guests Dan Russell (Google), Marcy Czerwinski (Microsoft) and Abdur Chowdhury (formerly of Twitter). Turned out the future sparks a lot of debate.


  1. Central to the week's discussions – which included privacy, access, transparency, politics and health – was the the overarching theme of information literacy: 
  2. But information literacy is complicated and covers a lot of ground:
  3. Of course, it's hard to get information if it's not there: 
  4. Or is the problem really that there's too much information?
  5. Then there's those sticky issues of access... 
  6. ... and privacy:
  7. Transparency and neutrality of information and technology were hot topics. Some questioned whether they were really a goal: