Tips For Purchasing Custom Wood Furniture In Florida

Custom furniture is rapidly increasing in popularity as more Florida homeowners are renovating the interior of their homes.


  1. Custom furniture is rapidly increasing in popularity as more Florida homeowners are renovating the interior of their homes. A viable custom furniture service provider should offer a variety of styles, materials, and production methods in a timely manner for customers. They should be communicative, practice good customer service skills in person and on the phone, and be able to discuss product styles and dimensions effectively. Shoppers who are new to custom furniture should perform some research before contacting a Custom Furniture designer and retailer about potential products.

    Wood furniture is a popular custom design for buyers in Florida. Shoppers should look at varying wood types before making a decision. Even if the custom piece of furniture is made correctly with the appropriate aesthetic, functionality, and dimensions, the piece of furniture may lack longevity and durability if the correct type of wood isn't used during the building process.

    One ideal wood to select is white oak. White oak is a heavy hardwood that is strong and meant to last. It's commonly used in furniture construction. Most buyers prefer white oak over red oak for aesthetic purposes. Other woods to consider include cherry, fir, and walnut. Some shoppers may want to consider reclaimed wood for their custom furniture. Reclaimed wood is essentially recycled wood, or wood that has been taken from a previous project to be repurposed into a quality piece of furniture. Shoppers who want to be sustainable in their custom designs should seek out designers who offer reclaimed wood style options.

    Custom furniture designers can help shoppers better understand wood types, budgeting, and appropriate uses for certain wood types. Walnut is a brown wood often celebrated for its rich color. The rich color and hardness of the wood make it slightly more expensive than some other wood types. However, a good designer can make suggestions, like using walnut hardwood for as accents to highlight another furniture project.

    Having just one piece of custom furniture inside a room can really highlight the room and make the room feel more alive. Armadi Casa, located in Miami, Florida, is one designer of custom furniture with an expansive background and innovative edge. They offer a variety of custom furniture at affordable prices. If shopping for doors by armadi, their sales representatives are certain to practice professionalism and communicate openly about the customer's desires in a realistic and straightforward manner. To learn more about their custom pieces and see a gallery of their work, visit ArmadiCasa for further information.