How You Can Increase Facebook Page Likes and Post Engagement

Is your business on Facebook? Are you looking to increase your Facebook likes and boost engagement? Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms to increase your sales and engagement on your post.


  1. According to source, over 1.5 Billion users worldwide, 699 Million people daily log on to Facebook for chatting, sharing post and status. More than 2.5 Million websites have integrated Facebook.

    In this post you will get information about effective ways to increase your Facebook users and engagement on your post.

    1.Use Eye-catching Images

    If you’re looking for increasing Facebook page likes and engagement post, use images with attractive content. If you use attractive images and content in your post, then users will definitely hit like on your post and new audiences also like your Facebook page.

    People on social media likes unique, attractive images with a good message. Facebook post is useful for drive sales, if you attract audiences with valuable information.

    Images are the best way to tell stories quickly and get more exposure in the news feed. When you combine a great status update with attractive image, you will easily boost your Facebook likes.

    2.Ask Questions & Engage Your Audiences

    Asking your fans questions is the easiest way to engage them with your posts. You will easily boost your Facebook posts with the help of questionable status. If your post is unique and have some good message in it. Definitely it will get more engagement as compared to ordinary posts.

    In your Facebook posts and status use hashtags and make it popular. One most effective method to increase likes to make your audience laugh, more the audience laugh more will be the engagement on posts.

    3.How to increase post shares

    If you want people to share your posts, your post goes viral, use image that tells people post is about. You can share posts to different-different groups with best related titles and you can also use hashtags.

    4.Boost up link clicks

    To increase your link shares, you need to plan strategies that work best for your link. Facebook is a bigger platform with millions of active users, they will only click on your link, if they find anything interesting.
    When you post links on Facebook, don’t forget to include an image that will grab attention of users. Images sharing strategy also useful in increasing number of shares.

    If you want more people to click on your links, then make a post and create little curiosity in it.

    It doesn’t matter how many Facebook fans you have on your page. If the post is valuable, audience will get engaged in the post. You will get increased in links, comments, shares or clicks on the post.
    Facebook is one best social media platforms to showcase your product and services. Social media posts get more attention as compared to other platforms. Here, millions of active users available who use Facebook on a daily basis.

    Wrapping it up

    You don’t need to spend money on Facebook for promotion and increasing likes. By sharing valuable information, images and infographic, you can increase your Facebook traffic. Information is provided by AR Infotech a well known internet marketing and website designing company in India.