International lighting educator workshop: Day 1

ERCO invited teachers to gain various ideas on teaching architectural lighting and to network with colleagues worldwide. Day 1 was about to learn from each other from regional programmes by the participants and to see what the lighting associations like IALD and PLDA offer.


  1. Agenda

    10:00 Welcome at ERCO, Speaker: Thomas Schielke

    10:30 Introduction Participants

    11:00 Regional programmes 1, Presentation by participants

    12:00 Lunch, Café Candela

    13:00 Regional programmes 2

     14:30 Break

    15:00 Education initiatives by IALD and PLDA

    15:30   Lighting Educators and Researchers -  current initiatives and future 

    Activities. Speaker: Alison Ritter

    16:00 Break

    16:30 Science vs. Business. A motivational speech. Speaker: David Kuntzsch

    17:00 Expectations from designers and industry. Discussion

    18:15 Dinner

  2. At the end of the Day 1 you will find the links for the next days!
  3. ERCO Lighting Educator Workshop 2013
  4. Start of the workshop day 1:
  5. Main motivation factors: To learn from the best, listening + learning, Interaction, networking, new technology methods, confrontation, feedback, collaboration, fun, to learn from other educators in order to establish a lighting program me, sharing ideas and methods for education, proud to be invited, to share and exchange with educators, to understand ERCO´s position on lighting education.
  6. O'Brien, Ruairí was recently elected as PLDA Director for Education
  7. See more of his photographic lighting at