TACOS 2014

Tweets and thoughts from a session in York for archaeologists working TACOS - Towards a Collaborative Strategy for sector information management.

  1. The TACOS seminar was a gathering of those interested in the management of archaeological data. The key aims were to:

    Encourage discussion between different groups that produce and manage historic environment information from across the sector (professional, research and voluntary to identify common goals and issues.

    Develop information sharing networks
    and working partnerships across the sector to pool resources particularly in the areas of skills development and application of information technology.

    The event was streamed and recorded and virtual participants (and those in the room) were actively tweeting with great comments and ideas. This Storify summarises the highlights from the twitter feed.

    There was lots of anticipation:
  2. We even had analogue hashtags!
  3. We also experimented with EtherPads to record the day - particularly more complex ideas that couldn't squeeze into 140 characters. There was one for virtual delegates:
  4. Those in the room used a mixture of analogue and digital technology to communicate and record their thoughts.
  5. 'And we're off!' We opened with Gill Grayson - Head of Heritage Data Management at English Heritage
  6. The first session was on Users and Reusers of archaeological data. It was introduced and chaired by Martin Newman from English Heritage.
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