#SAA2011 Day 3

Tweets from Saturday session of which included an amazing set of sessions and a cheerleader invasion. I will pull together the #blogarch later today, that session alone produced as many tweets as all of the Day 3 non #blogarch related tweets.


  1. The global nature of our discipline -- 
  2. Saturday tweets started really early... around 1am Sacramento Time. @archasa is tweeting from Sweden -- a great example of how tweets from these conferences takes information presented in a hotel conference room to a global audience.
  3. Coffee after a night of networking
  4. Coffee lines can be a good place to practice your pace count.
  5. Presenters on Twitter are getting immediate feedback from their audience.
  6. Slideshare is a very useful way to share your presentations, just narrate your powerpoint presentation, upload, and share the link. (in this case it was more dependable than the front wheel of an airplane)
  7. The link to this presentation appears to be the most retweeted link of the day --- wait, no a quote by Meltzer on Clovis from yesterday picked up steam and @brockter 's commentary on an possible ban on Indiana Jones hats sparked considerable interest.  I'll group them together in a section at the bottom of the story.
  8. Wow - this is good feedback