Day 2 #SAA2011

Lots of Tweets about a variety of topics from Day 2 of #SAA2011. Organized by session/topic. RTs are at the end along with nearly all the tweets I saw (for those interested in full curation) I am using all of the tweets that appear under the #SAA2011 hashtage, but I noticed there were a few people tweeting from the conference without the tag that have already been lost in my twitter stream.


  1. Apparently the night of day 1 / early morning of day 2 was interesting...
  2. Some more advertising for sessions. If you haven't thought about posting it online, you can use sites like Slideshare to post a .pdf of your poster on the web and increase the exposure of your work dramatically. Or you can post straight to a blog like @electricarchaeo (btw the visualization is awesome)

    Of course you could increase the reach of your tweets just by including keywords: "Lady Gaga" or "Meat Dress"
  3. though you don't get to experience the posters as the rising sun illuminates them... wow, best poster area I've seen.
  4. Beginning of Day 2 the wireless technology at the Hotel is limiting people's ability to tweet. I'm wondering if the solution might be mobile hotspots for attendees who REALLY want their content to get on social media in real time. One hotspot per room is probably cheaper than whatever the hotels are charging per device.
  5. Looks like some sessions are super specific. Here are some Tweets on tDAR, The Digitial Archaeology Record  which appears to be an online method of sharing archaeological data. Neat.