Attending #SAA2011 via Twitter Day 1

Some thoughts from following #SAA2011 and not attending the conference in person, from about 1100AM - 800 pm EST. The notes I made were geared toward non-social media audience and just general reflection.


  1. Getting to the conference
  2. coordinating hashtag
  3. Finishing papers
  4. Even the day before the papers start virtual attendees are already listening in...
  5. ... and benefiting from engaging conference attendees through social media. 
  6. Networking begins before everyone even gets to Sacramento
  7. and some advertising to let interested parties know your work is out there.
  8. Live tweets from session attendees -- what do we REALLY get out of it? Details not in the abstracts, a preview to peer review, guidance for papers we might want to track down. Benefits improve when comparing live tweets with the conference abstract SAA 2011 Final Program