Why You Should Hire Arc Flash Consulting Florida Services

There are many other benefits you can derive by hiring professional arc flash consulting Florida services.


  1. An arc flash is a sudden release of energy that leaves its intended path, and travels via air to another target, such as the ground, a person or another conductor. An arch flash can result from many different factors, including buildup of conductive dust, accidental contact with electrical systems, dropped tools and improper work procedures. The resulting flash produces thermal radiations with temperatures of about 35,000 Fahrenheit. Arcs with a high voltage can also give off pressure bursts that throw molten droplets of aluminum and copper on workers within the blast zone. The serious of an arch flash injury is determined by the proximity of the individual to the hazard.

    The Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), require employers to protect workers from arc flash injuries whenever the hazard for an arc flash exists. OSHA is also the agency responsible for enforcing arc flash safety in the workplace. Up to date, the agency has cited many businesses for not following rules and regulations provided in the National Fire Protection Association's standards: NFPA 70E and NFPA 70. NFPA 70E is the standard for Electrical Safety in the workplace while NFPA 70 is the National Electrical Code.

    To avoid being cited by the agency, it is important to hire professional arc flash consulting Florida services. A professional arc flash consultant has an adequate knowledge of all the rules and guidelines provided by the National Fire Protection Association. They will help you get the right warning labels for your electrical panels. While performing an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Florida, your arc flash professional will first collect data in order to have a good understanding of the different arc flash risk in your workplace. Next, they will perform a comprehensive engineering analysis, so as to provide valid reports on how to avoid potential arc flash injuries. In addition, they will train all your employees on the various risks and responsibilities when it comes to arc flash hazards.

    There are many other benefits you can derive by hiring professional arc flash consulting Florida services. Consider factors such as experience, licenses, tools and availability before hiring your arc flash consultant. For more information about arch flash consultants, and how you can contact one, visit leedyelectricblog.com.