Attract Active Mobile Application Users

People are always downloading new applications to their mobile devices.


  1. People are always downloading new applications to their mobile devices. They see applications and download them just so they will have them on their phone if they want to use them. That works well for them, but does not translate into revenue for the marketed application. The companies that operate mobile applications pay a fee whenever someone downloads their application. This is called a CPI, or cost-per-install, pricing model. Unless that application is used by the person who downloaded it, that company just lost advertising dollars. It happens a lot.

    Think of all the applications you have on your phone. Now think of how many you actually use. As a marketing company executive, that should explain why your advertising dollars are not generating the revenue you were expecting. You may want to consider transferring your mobile marketing services to a company with a different approach to mobile application marketing. High install-to-action conversion rates will allow your price model to go from CPI to CPA (cost-per-action) in as little as 60 days. That means you will only be paying when new installers take action on your application. Identifying and attracting users who will download, register, and use your mobile application, translates into increased app user acquisition. That increases your customer base and your company revenues.

    The first step is to create profiles of your most active users, and target similar demographics among mobile application users. Then your company is assisted in generating concepts that are creative and engaging, so your mobile application will get used by more of your targeted audience. That includes variations in messaging, aesthetics, photo selection, and user options. Testing begins on your new campaigns after the first week, so any changes can be made and tweaking completed. You will have access to all your campaigns in real-time via dashboard. The goal shifts to scaling your installs, with a large volume typically seen by day 45.

    The final step is to optimize your campaigns to achieve your company's specific CPA target. This step takes a couple of weeks to determine which target groups perform the best. Once that is determined, and your CPA target is reached, your account will be switched to a CPA price model. Your advertising dollars will go farther, since you will only be paying for actions taken rather than installations.