Saving the Rain Forests With Help From Involved Corporate Partners

Even despite so much attention to the problem, the world's rain forests are still shrinking quickly.

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  1. Even despite so much attention to the problem, the world's rain forests are still shrinking quickly. It is understandable that the people in those countries where rain forests are most often found want to make use of them, and this drive toward more prosperous lives cannot be ignored. At the same time, it is becoming clear that ways must be found of slowing and even reversing the loss of the world's rain forests.

    One of these is to insist that companies that harvest rain forests for resources make good, efficient use of them. Because rain forests are frequently so rich in life, it has formerly been the case that their resources were often thought of as cheap. That attitude led to a neglectful outlook that produced too much in the way of waste, with further expanses of rain forest being felled as a result.

    Today, the most responsible companies are taking another approach entirely. Some of them, in fact, are now committing to policies under which their taking of rain forest will come to a halt entirely, instead being replaced by replenishment. This is a remarkable step forward for the world's rain forests, because it means that some powerful, capable partners have come aboard with the project of saving them.

    One large company known as app, for example, recently partnered with the well-known Rainforest Alliance to create such a plan. After asia pulp paper did its own work of crafting a proposal that would result in the company helping to restore rain forest, the Rainforest Alliance stepped in to analyze it.

    The group found that app's proposal was sound on every level, even substantially exceeding in some respects the demanding requirements that the group typically lobbies for. Through a combination of careful management, observation of best practices, conflict resolution, and more, the group found, the asia pulp paper plan would almost certainly result in the renewal of large tracts of rain forest.

    That is excellent news for all those who care about issues like biodiversity and environmental sustainability. As more companies come forward with plans like these of their own, it might be expected that rain forest will be lost at a much slower rate.

    It is also excellent news for the companies themselves, as these projects invariably highlight new opportunities for greater efficiency and more effective operations. While short-term business interests might not always align precisely with the problems of conservation, it is becoming clear that longer term ones quite often do.