Apps that encourage citizen collaboration triumph in the Grand Final of Smart City App Hack

Knodes from New York, indoors, from San Francisco, TripGo from Helsinki and Sharing Academy and Tripuniq from Barcelone are the winners by category of Smart City App Hack (SCAH). Congratulations to all the teams. Well done guys! Technological solutions that meet societal needs by empowering citizens to actively participate in the solution was a common trend with the winning mobile apps of the SCAH.


  1. After 6 months of hard work, the time arrived to round up the Smart City App Hack at the Smart City Expo, on November 17 and 18.
  2. Just few hours before the competition everyone was getting ready for the big final.
  3. Teams...
  4. Fans...
  5. The press speaking about us...
  6. And finally, on November 17 at 5 PM, the show started. People arriving, excitement in the air, full house and great ambient at the Smart City App Hack Grand Final.
  7. On november 17, the best apps in Shopping, Culture & Tourism and Energy categories competed. The Twitter comments around the pitches gave us a positive boost:
  8. And after the 9 pitches, the jury deliberation, the hardest part of the show. This was its final veredict:
  9. Starting with the Energy and Emissions category, winner was #knodes! Way to go!!
  10. Winner of Shopping and Retails category was @indoo_rs Well done!