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How to Look Fab Without Even Trying too Hard At Work

How do we become fabulously beautiful in the workplace even if we don’t try too overly?! Learn some tips here!


  1. Let’s face it—not every one of us was gifted to have a very keen eye to details and were not as fashionable as the models we see on magazines and TV. It is hard enough to keep up to the pace of the jobs we are married to and look less stressed on our day-to-day work struggle—women are always expected to exude such style and femininity that is not inherently innate for most of us.
  2. How do we become an everyday fab and chic girl in the workplace without much effort? Here are some tips and tricks for you:
  3. Learn to Accessorize, but never overdo it.

  4. You may be wearing a black ensemble on Monday and want to highlight your dangling earrings but please do not style with more jewelleries anymore. Adding up a headband and a necklace with a big pendant might just make you look too flashy. Sometimes it’s true when they say that less is more.
  5. See what looks good with your complexion and body structure.

  6. Are you lean and slender? Tall but curvy? Petite with a medium built? Do you have an olive skin? An immaculate white complexion or totally beautiful despite the dusky surface? Face the mirror and try out all the office wear dresses you have shopped for over the years and really pay attention to what really suits you. Notice that if you are on a regular work day with your slender and tall figure (I mean, if you are one of those gifted women who has a towering height of 5’10”),maybe skipping that very short skirt (especially if your legs might make everyone in the office look like dwarves) can be a wise move; it is just inappropriate if you are not attending a party where it is fine to show off too much skin. Some women make the mistake of showing too much e.g. showing up with a sleepless top and a miniskirt on a working Monday. Please, never make this mistake.
  7. Hair Styles That Stun

  8. Now your clothes ensemble may be to die, but people seem to notice that nothing is ever right with your crowning glory. Now, that is a big problem because it could subtly ruin your whole look. Despite wearing one of the most expensive of women’s work dresses, you could totally look like a big epic fail if you do not be careful of the hair style you’ll wear.Always find a suitable hair cut for the shape of your face. Find the right hair color and cut. For instance, round faces for short women may not be complemented by a long dark hair because it may pull your look down more. Find a nonchalant look that may make you appear cool and less strained. Consult your hairdresser about the right cut for you.
  9. The Shoe For Everyday You

  10. Choosing the right style of shoes is just as important as choosing the office wear for women (or for all the things that we listed above for that matter).Your overall look will never be fine and complete without the right footwear.This is where all other concerns we listed above come to play—the hair, the complexion, the body structure, the accessories can be attention grabbing if we put on the right shoe. Flats or heels, wedge or stiletto, there is always one for the corporate girl like you.