"Utter disablist shitlord"

What happens when you challenge the Online Wimmin Mob


  1. Helen Lewis is deputy editor of the New Statesman.  She did a Storify about privilege checking in January 2013, which she took down shortly afterwards in response to a backlash from a small but vocal group of "intersectional feminists" (IFs).   That Storify is here:
  2. Last week (Monday 15 April 2013) I happened to witness a Twitterstorm after the IFs noticed that Helen had put the Storify back up, and they tried to get her to take it down again.  This ended with Helen deleting her Twitter account, although she reinstated it two days later.  
  3. While Helen's account was still deleted, I decided to storify what had happened:
  4. My view was that the pressure on Helen to take her post down, both in January and again now, was another example of the IFs trying to use "privilege checking" to shut down discussion - the same problem Helen was flagging up in her original Storify.  I don't know Helen other than as someone I follow on Twitter, and she didn't ask me to do the Storify. I just didn't like what I saw happening.
  5. Here's the reaction when one of the IFs first saw my Storify.
  6. "This is incorrect."  
  7. I would have been happy to consider amending if Jude had raised a specific omission or inaccuracy with me.  Here's how I reacted when I thought a follower of mine was suggesting I'd left something relevant out:
  8. (In case it isn't clear, what Chiller in fact was saying was Sam should have apologised to Helen.) 
  9. But Jude doesn't raise any specific inaccuracy or omission with me.  She just deems the whole post to be "incorrect."
  10. Another of the IFs then replies to Jude:
  11. "Truly, truly nasty" to express an opinion that is different from theirs.  And I'm responsible if someone else sends abuse to Sam?  How does that work?  
  12. I think this refers to a short paragraph in which I summarised Helen's tweets in response to those calling on her to take down her Storify.  When I wrote my post, Helen had deleted her account, so those tweets were not available.  So I summarised what she had said from memory.  I didn't ask anyone to take it as gospel.  I made it clear this was just my recollection, and I said I would fill in the gaps if and when Helen's tweets became available (which I did). I believe my summary was accurate.  Again, Jude claims what I have written is "incorrect" but doesn't provide any specifics.
  13. At this point the person who originally linked to my storify tries to calm things down, but the IFs are on their high horse now: