Don't leave us Louise!

Without you, how will we know what to think of love, feminism, free speech, Murdoch and Thatcher?

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  1. Background item: September 2001: Louise Bagshawe, 30, talks to the Observer about her admiration for Jeffrey Archer, and wanting to be rich enough to retire at the age of 40:

  2. April 2010: As Louise prepares to stand for Parliament, here's the Guardian's Digested Read on her latest novel Desire. Conclusion: "Vote for Louise. If only to stop her writing."

  3. June 2010: Louise is elected to the Culture Media and Sport Committee.

  4. April 2011: Louise is delighted when the News of the World gives her latest novel, Destiny, a good review.  It is of course irrelevant and in no way a conflict of interest that the Culture Media and Sport Committee are investigating phone hacking at NOTW:

  5. June 2011: Louise marries Peter Mensch in New York in a secret ceremony. She also takes her new husband's name, which she later refers to as "an act of love":

  6. 8 June 2011: Louise takes on Yvette Cooper - and gets swatted away like a fly: 

  7. 19 July 2011: Louise questions James and Rupert Murdoch as part of the DCMS hacking enquiry.  Later she takes to Twitter to gush in head-girl tones about Rupert Murdoch carrying on after a foam pie was thrown at him.

  8. Simultaneously Louise finds herself having to defend allegations she made against Piers Morgan in the course of the same session, accusing him of "boasting" about hacking phones.
  9. Piers Morgan Row With Louise Mensch Over Claims Morgan Hacked Phones *HOT HOT HOT*
  10. By 29 July 2011 Louise is forced to apologise:

  11. 11 August 2011: Louise suggests a Twitter blackout in the event of future riots.  Here are her thoughts, and a sample of the reaction on Twitter: