How to Deal With the Enamel Loss


  1. The strongest substance of a human body is tooth enamel. But this substance can also be prone to damage and loss. The reason is the diet intake. We commonly take sugary and acidic foods. Furthermore, hard impact which can result in injury can also serve as the reason for enamel loss. Bad news is that you may not even know that you have lost enamel on your tooth/teeth. Nevertheless, there are some treatment options you can consider to deal with the loss of enamel.
  2. What is enamel loss?

  3. As discussed above, tooth enamel is the hard outer layer which covers the teeth. Its basic job is to protect the inner structure of the tooth which is also called dentin. Now, when this outer layer is exposed to the bacteria that feed on sugar and starches, it can start breaking down. This is the reason that brushing and flossing your teeth properly is very important to make sure that harmful substances lose the hold of your teeth.
  4. Another reason for the enamel loss may involve impact or injury. This leaves the chipped area open. Hence, the inner part of the tooth may get exposed to the risk of cavities and infection.
  5. The replacement of lost enamel

  6. There is no treatment to regenerate totally lost enamel. But the weakened enamel can be strengthened. This process of strengthening is known as re-mineralization. For this purpose, products with fluoride and calcium can be pretty helpful. Calcium helps in re-mineralization, and fluoride forms a barrier between the tooth and dangerous substances.
  7. After the enamel is gone

  8. When the enamel is gone, the sensitive part of tooth gets opened for infections. Hence, there can be infections, breakages and increased tooth sensitivity due to lost enamel. And since enamel is there to protect the teeth, the inner tooth is going deteriorate pretty quickly if it loses the enamel. The end results may be extreme pain and tooth loss.
  9. Preventing the loss of enamel

  10. As a general rule, prevention is always better than treatment. You cannot just wait for your natural teeth to fall off after enamel loss in order to get the replacement teeth. There are some pretty effective ways to protect the teeth and their enamel for a lifetime.
  11. The first thing you should consider in this regard is the proper brushing and flossing. As mentioned above, you should pick the toothpaste which would be rich in fluoride. Then you can also take some help from the mouthwash. That would be for extra protection. And above all, you will need to pay proper attention to the diet to make sure that you are not having foods which are going to damage your tooth enamel.
  12. In the end, it is always beneficial to pay a visit to the Orthodontist york pA. The routine orthodontist york pA visits will let you know about the situation of your dental health. Hence, any risk to the tooth or tooth enamel would be identified before it would start doing damage.
  13. How to Restore Tooth Enamel