The Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies in Mexico City

With UC San Diego and School of Global Policy and Strategy leaders, the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies led a nonstop tour of Mexico City, meeting with high-level policymakers, education and political experts, and art and culture enthusiasts, all while hosting this year's Mexico Moving Forward.


  1. Thursday, Oct. 20

  2. 10:30 a.m. Art & Design
  3. Casa Luis Barragan, the LABOR Gallery and Archivo, a design archive

  4. 1 p.m. Education and Migration
  5. Casa Lamm, with Javier Trevino, undersecretary of elementary education, and Melissa Floca

  6. 5 p.m. The Coming Elections: What's at Stake?
  7. Casa Lamm, with panel discussion between Alejandro Moreno, Horacio Vives and Rossana Fuentes of ITAM, and Gordon Hanson and Susan Shirk of UC San Diego. Moderated by Rafael Fernandez de Castro, ITAM