Anthony Smith Supports Students at Berkeley High School

Anthony Smith is a counselor at Berkeley High School. He supports students academically and socially. He works hard to help them achieve their goals.


  1. Anthony Smith began his career in education as a teacher, and then became an academic counselor. He has worked for multiple schools, including Berkeley High School. He has always worked hard to support his students and help them reach their goals. He is a dedicated counselor who works hard to maintain a strong knowledge of academics. He is always available for his students, and he is always prepared to offer them advice and counsel.
  2. Anthony Smith Berkeley began working as an academic counselor for Berkeley High School in August of 2004. He worked hard to earn a Master of Science with a Pupil Personnel Services Credential (MS PPSC), and he worked hard to develop years of teaching experience. As Berkeley High School’s academic counselor, his main role was to provide students with counsel on matters including academics, social interactions, personal issues, and vocational options. He worked directly with his students, and he has a caseload of more than 400 students.
    However, Anthony Smith did more than just advise his students. He also supported his students and promoted their academics and social endeavors. He worked hard to provide his students with counsel and to help them with their extracurricular activities. Smith routinely led students in activities for school spirit days. He also participated in lunchtime activities. His goal was to help as many students as possible and support their education.
  3. Smith is an academic counselor who is completely dedicated to his career. He cares about his students and he wants to watch them succeed in their academic lives and in their social lives. He worked with teachers and with parents to help struggling students. He also routinely facilitated conferences between teachers and parents. Smith also collaborated with community based organizations (CBOs) to help students gain access to important resources and information.
  4. Smith has a history of supporting students and advising student unions. He has always cared about his schools and he works hard to help students grow, learn, and succeed. Anthony Smith was an advisor at Berkeley High School for 11 years. During that time, he supported his students and did everything in his power to help them develop a well-rounded education.