Antonella Ciancio

20 yrs a journalist. U.S. freelancer by choice after long, happy Reuters yrs. Business | Food | Life. Volcanic. @24America @24Italy24 @italianfood_net

Daniel Pritchett

I write those irresistible articles for https://t.co/tfiOTo1smz you see on Facebook. I also tweet about my political bias @MOforBernie.

Razarizwan Rizwan

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Joseph Armato

Joseph Armato is a caring person who used to help people do their claims for burned down homes. He has a successful career that spans over 20 years of great service in New York.

Luxury Columnist

Suze - Adventures in Luxury Land - food, style & travel. Mobile optimized #luxuryblog. Top 10 Luxury Blog: https://t.co/bMOeDTrXxp IG:luxurycolumnist

Jennifer Prohov

Senior Staff Writer @TheManeater | Majoring in Journalism & Political Science @Mizzou | Passionate about the power of investigative journalism| RT ≠ endorsement

Titi Marquis

Communications / New Media/ Broadcasting etc. Using media for advocacy on social issues to spark change. Student

Sigma sei

Management,Economics, Innovation, Quality, H&S. Connecting dots, some in the future. Fintech with @dealitaly



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Mark Taylor

Maria Crosas

Journalist #datajournalism #visualjournalism #datavisualization #infographics Blog: https://t.co/t1avIYJBkz Instagram: mcrosasb

Guerrino Macori

Don't like your rights taken away? Don't take away someone else's