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Posting about only good new music!

David Paul Meyer

Producer at @TheDailyShow. Director of @Trevornoah films. Trying to prevent my kids from setting the house on fire.

Greg Desrosiers

Reporter/Broadcaster for @WBSM1420. Covering a little bit of everything on the Southcoast. Political junkie/Craft beer enthusiast/Red Sox Nation cardholder.


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David Mantek

David Mantek is the founder of Mantek Properties, LLC. operating out of Charleston and has worked in real estate investments for the past 19 years.


Have you had fun lately? Have you had a good laugh as well? Here are some funny and entertaining stories.


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Arts. Crafts. Museum.


Discover the wonders of food.

André Maillho

Catholic contrarian curmudgeon. Conjurer of cognitive curiosities.



Antonella Ciancio

20 yrs a journalist. U.S. freelancer by choice after long, happy Reuters yrs. Business | Food | Life. Volcanic. @24America @24Italy24 @italianfood_net