Jai Bhim

Annihilate caste, class & patriarchy. Read THE ANNIHILATION OF CASTE: http://t.co/vmUqqIxHYo. Savarna,male

ed bice

proximity, globalization, and the war on imagination - the opinions and ideas herein r my own


I read, see and learn stuff that must be shared: good music, international economics, human rights, great books, interesting people and foreign affairs. All toghether now!

Vladimer Botsvadze

Top 100 Marketing Influencer l Branding Expert l SocialMedia Strategist l PhD l Loves Design, Tech, & Coffee l Always Deliver More Than Expected.

Dave Krantz

NT News digital editor. Often tweeting @TheNTNews. Toiling in the truth mines.

Stacey Hanke

Coach & Mentor Professionals: Increase Impact Through Influential Communication, Presentation, Sales & Facilitation Skills | Keynote Speaker | Speak to Be Heard

Jonathan Langdale

Just some dude.

Michael M'a

Caught in the internets.


List Building http://t.co/HG6licmOEB #JoinMyList And #BuildAList Now #Listbuilding #emailListbuilding! #SocialMediaMarketing

Mansi Gill

Social Media Manager

Patricia Polo

Periodista. Buceando en la #comunicación #corporativa. Me encanta aprender. Descubriendo #Intangibles #Reputación

Mike Leone

Aspiring illuminatist. One of God's foresaken Sixers fans. Gunning for @EvilSamHinkie's job. Will work for season tickets. Will Smith... call me.

PwC Advisory

From strategy through execution, PwC is helping clients close the gap between ideas and results. #Consulting #Deals #Forensics

Thom Powers

Film curator: @DocClub @STFdocs @TIFF_Net @DOCNYCfest @MiamiFilmFest. Teacher: @socdoc. Made in Detroit.

Sarah Harvard

I am a journalist. Intern now. I've been published places. To my parents disappointment, I'm not a doctor. Opinions are mine. No one elses.