Gheorghe Sima

Julie Geller

Principal, Geller Strategic Services. Content gold digger, coffee snob, addicted to Yelp reviews.

Arelis R. Hernández

Politics reporter @washingtonpost | | DC Latina | @aajajcamp mentor | le lo lai:

Rachid Haoues

News Producer @CBSEveningNews | History Enthusiast | @Penn_State Alumnus

António Costa

Journalist, business and politics, web addicted, former Editor-in-Chief of Económico


Reporter for @FeaturesLNP, aspiring gardener, @ithacacollege alum, vegetarian. Brakes for yard sales.


Trusted News in 10 seconds. News in bullet points

Kevin Pollock

Science Journalism Student @CityUniLondon. Canuck raised in US Pacific NW = over-polite hockey fan w/out the Canadian accent

James Carter

Oppo researcher; political junkie; news sponge; policy wonk; President of Carter Research, LLC and a recurring character in 47% of Mitt Romney's nightmares.

Jai Bhim

Annihilate caste, class & patriarchy. Read THE ANNIHILATION OF CASTE: Savarna,male

ed bice

proximity, globalization, and the war on imagination - the opinions and ideas herein r my own


I read, see and learn stuff that must be shared. I am also busy. Short posts. Great links. Enjoy.

Vladimer Botsvadze

Top 100 Marketing Influencer l Branding Expert l SocialMedia Strategist l PhD l Loves Design, Tech, & Coffee l Always Deliver More Than Expected.

Dave Krantz

NT News digital editor. Often tweeting @TheNTNews. Toiling in the truth mines.

Stacey Hanke

Coach & Mentor Professionals: Increase Impact Through Influential Communication, Presentation, Sales & Facilitation Skills | Keynote Speaker | Speak to Be Heard