Jim Melvin

Do you fear death? The Death Wizard does not. Find out why in #TheDeathWizardChronicles, an action-packed 6-book epic fantasy for adults http://t.co/UrtF5Ykqhk

Tom Riesack

Social-media driven consultant passionate about the financial services industry in general, capital markets in particular, with a focus on regulatory change.


Active blogger on various business and financial news for everyone including budding entrepreneurs and current business owners.

Ingeborg Senneset

Tenker. Leser. Skriver. Maler. Mener. Sykepleier. Kunst. // Thinking. Reading. Writing. Painting. Opinions. Nurse. Art. // Journalist, Aftenposten.

Brenda Gazzar

@LADailyNews digital journalist. Demographics/ethnic affairs & general stories. Ex-MidEast correspondent. Animal & chocolate lover. [email protected]

Randi Shaffer

20-something reporter and professional student. I look like I'm 17 and love glitter, cats and yelling obscenities at my TV during hockey games.

Julia Frakes

student (poli sci, peace & justice studies). fashion writer/contrib, model (@NextModels talent board/special bookings), politicat...

Janey Lee

Lehigh U Journalism & Communication Prof. Interested in Visual, Political Communication, Journalism, & Learning about Meanings of Life


Berlin, Germany Wannsee

توفيق الصاعدي

سائح في بلاد الله ..كاتب صحفي ساخر (أحيانا) يستمد وهجة منكم تبكية الدمعه وتفرحه الابتسامة .كتبت في العديد من الصحف.عكاظ..متفرغ الأن لتأليف كتابي الساخر.تابعوني


Andrew Buraczenski

Assistant Account Executive at @GeometryGlobal. @IthacaCollege alum. Social media and electronic music connoisseur. Always looking for an adventure.

Hằng Nhi

thich nge nhac, doc truyen tranh... ve tranh, v.........


Content Marketer and Blogger for SimpliSafe. Tech geek and drumming. One day, I will own a wolf.