Guerrino Macori

Don't like your rights taken away? Don't take away someone else's


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Michael Crispino

Former journalist, now ocean conservation advocate @pewenvironment, husband, father & eater of pasta. Opinions are my own.

Craig Cheslog

@CSKidsAction VP for CA Policy, @CADemRegion2 Director, @PPNorCal Action Fund Board, @ADPSociety Hon. Chair, @BowdoinCollege alum, @Cubs fan. Opinions my own.

Oscar Del Ben

Pascale Antonie

Mike Monteiro

This is a personal account and does not reflect the opinions of my boss, who is an asshole.

Cara Harshman

I tell stories and manage the @Optimizely blog. Speaking Yorùbá and Spanish. Generally in love with life.

tristam sparks

Senior Lecturer @CoCAMassey · UX Strategy · Design · Photojournalism · NASA Social(ist) · Tech & Civil society

George Kamau

Newsroom Dev • #ddj for @GraphicsDigest • News Nerd Futurist @JournalismHackr • User of the Force • #JKUAT #ITUndergrad #PostHardcoreMusicFan #Ambivert


Aspiring journalist with passions for social justice, politics, LGBTQ issues, global issues, law, and climate change. University of Delaware, B.A. English, minor in journalism, December 2015.

Winnie Sun ☀️

The Wealth Whisperer. Managing Director SunGroupWP. Forbes. CNBC. Renegade Millionaire Show. Wife, mom, pal, $ advisor #investwithme

Hannah Edmondstone

People will always have an opinion, but u have to live life the way u want to. It's very easy to tell others what to do, but difficult to implement it on urslf

Mr Branson

Mobile Business Video Directory. Local + Global + Maps. Top 50 GEW 2013. Showcasing talent, brands & businesses daily. #multichannel #YHWH #infoguru #ADS #1