Cried when Chewbacca died. Media Studies student. 40% Politics RTs, 40% Culture RTs, 20% BS. Purported Evangelical Christian via

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Andy Adams

New Media • Photography • Digital Culture



Verbal Identity Provider. Brand Strategist. Fast Company Author. I discover & deliver stories to clients via my creative hub, Steve Ramos Media.

danielle johnsen

I don't respond well to spooky behavior. Social Media Stuff @360i. All opinions are my own (and correct)! Profile photo by @darth.

Evgeny Hvastovich

nuclear energy devices specialist, a professional soccer club manager, entrepreneur, investor, founder of start-up incubator

Jan Jansen

For Be the best in the world is not possible to be the worst in world also not possible in between is always possible that is what I'm nothing is impossible.

Leah Jones

I like to ride bikes, send postcards and host massive Shabbat dinners. (Vice President at Olson Engage, Northwestern MS Health Communication, Class of '15).

mkuu wa itifaki

Blank blank, the flashing cursor said.

Luke McManus

Self-ordained writer of all things fantastic. @HuffPostUK @SabotageTimes Comment/Opinion Editor @SOAS_Spirit

Lee Meade

Tennis, Golf, Soccer, London, New York, Politics, History.


Tech, Art and Total Darkness

Nicolle Weeks

Likes: lighthearted apocalypse films and really dark romcoms. Producer at @CBCMusic. Formerly Managing Editor of @4Music in jolly old England.


Elisabeth Butler Cordova, a Southerner who's lived in Brooklyn for 10 years. Wife, mama and news editor for Opinions are mine. #Binders #WPS