Best @RupertMurdoch tweets of all time

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  1. Rupert Murdoch posted his first tweet on December 31st, to the surprise of many who could hardly believe he would take to the social media service to share his thoughts. He's been prolifically tweeting ever since, compiling 337 tweets in the last six months. These are some of our favorites.
  2. Rupert's first tweet
  3. Some of his greatest tweets are the most inane ones. You could make the case that this is simply a sponsored tweet.
  4. He'll take to patting himself on the back.
  5. You can almost imagine Montgomery Burns tweeting this.
  6. Unafraid to tweet his political opinions, he's gone and shared his two cents about Obama and the GOP candidates throughout the race.
  7. He's frequently weighed in on the American economy.
  8. He's often criticizing Britain for an "entitlement culture"