BBC and Sky News issue new rules regarding Twitter use

Sky and BBC release social media policies with new guidance on how their journalists can tweet.


  1. Some responses to Sky's policy:
  2. Two important points in the Sky policy:

    "So, to reiterate, don't tweet when it is not a story to which you have been assigned or a beat which you work..."

    "Do not retweet information posted by other journalists or people on Twitter. Such information could be wrong and has not been through theSky News editorial process."

  3. One of Sky's most well known Tweeters is Neal Mann, who goes by @fieldproducer on Twitter. Many were worried this would prevent Neal from doing what he does best, getting the word out about big stories on Twitter with a great deal of care and accuracy.
  4. Even singer Lily Allen chimed in with her concern for Neal in light of the policy change:
  5. The BBC updated their policy one day later
  6.  Chris HamiltonBBC's social media editor blogged about his company's new policy:

    "When they [BBC journalists] have some breaking news, an exclusive or any kind of urgent update on a story, they must get written copy into our newsroom system as quickly as possible, so that it can be seen and shared by everyone - both the news desks which deploy our staff and resources (like TV trucks) as well as television, radio and online production teams..."

    "We prize the increasing value of Twitter ... But we've been clear that our first priority remains ensuring that important information reaches BBC colleagues, and thus all our audiences, as quickly as possible - and certainly not after it reaches Twitter."

  7. Chris reached out to me on Twitter and said that the BBC is not telling journalists they can't break stories on Twitter:
  8. Stuart Hughes, BBC world affairs producer journalist tweeted that the rules are being misinterpreted and that it does not cripple their newsroom.
  9. Ken Li, editor points out that BBC states they can tweet and text the newsroom simultaneous.
  10. I wrote my response to the new Sky policy here which includes links to other bloggers reacting to the news.
  11. What's your reaction to the new policies? Are they too restrictive? Will they put Sky and BBC at a disadvantage? Tweet your reaction and tag it with #tweetrules so I can add your comments to this Storify.