Alec Baldwin kicked off American Airlines flight for playing Words with Friends

This was too good not to Storify. Alec Baldwin has Words with Flight Attendants.

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  1. Former COO of MTV Networks and current head of Activate was on the same plane as Alec Baldwin, and was one of the first to tweet that Baldwin was kicked off the flight.
  2. TMZ reaches out to Wolf to try and get more information.
  3. Finally Alec tweeted about the incident just about an hour after Wolf.
  4. TMZ and other media outlets began to run it.
  5. Baldwin continued to rant over Twitter about the incident.
  6. Many folks weighed in with their take.
  7. American Airlines tried to reach out to Baldwin to provide some customer assistance or perhaps to try and perform some PR triage.
  8. American Airlines releases more information about what the crew of Baldwin's flight had to say.
  9. A day later, Alec deactivates his Twitter account.