1. To follow how the Arab Spring symbolically began, we must go back to the end of 2010

    Tunisia: December 17th,
     Mohamed Bouazizi sets himself on fire in Tunisia after repeated harassment from police who confiscated his fruit and vegetable cart, claiming he didn’t have a permit. Bouazizi’s self-immolation is widely considered the event that help propel the Arab Spring into motion. 

    Translation of Mohamed Bouazizi’s last message on his Facebook Wall:

    “I’m leaving, mom, I beg your pardon, any blame is useless, I am lost in a path out of my control, pardon me if I disobeyed you, blame our times, don’t blame me, I’m leaving forever, I’ll not be back, I am fed up crying without tears, blames are useless during these cruel times in this place, I’m tired and I forgot all about the past, I’m leaving while asking myself if my departure will help me forget”
  2. Bouazizi's act sparked riots, some of them began to be documented and surfaced on YouTube:
  3. tunisie manifestations-sidi-bouzid.mp4

  4. December 24th, a protester named Mohamed Ammari is shot dead in Tunisia.
  5. January 2011

    Egypt: January 1st, 21 people die in a suspected al-Qaeda attack on a Coptic church in Alexandria.
  6. Tunisia: January 2nd, Internet group Anonymous hacks Tunsia’s government websites 

  7. Tunisia: January 4th, Mohamed Bouazizi dies. Many young people in Tunisia shared Bouazizi’s frustration with their government and in a show of solidarity over 5,000 joined in his funeral procession. Protests had already been forming in Tunisia prior to Bouazizi’s incident, but after they grew much larger.

  8. إطلاق الرصاص على العزل في تونس Tunisia Sidi Bouzid
  9. Egypt: January 7th, In a show of solidarity, Muslims attend Coptic Christmas mass and protect Christians from attacks.
  10. Algeria: January 7th, people take to the streets to protest unemployment and rising food prices.

    Tunisia: From January 8th to 10th, demonstrations grow more violent, dozens of protesters are killed.

  11. Tunisia: January 13th, President Ben Ali promises to step down in 2014, but the protests grow so large and violent that Ali flees from Tunisia to Saudi Arabia the next day.