#nlsled: the Centre for Legal Education launch

Resources and coverage from the launch of Nottingham Law School's Centre for Legal Education on 3 May. First up, the webpage for the event.


  1. First, details of the event itself: 
  2. The event was liveblogged by Paul Maharg, who posted two blogs, one for the morning and one for the afternoon session: 
  3. Three blog reports so far. First up, from @julianofwarwick, who commented: "the twitterati...provided a really lively real-time counterpoint to the live event".
  4. Next, from @legalaware with photos by @colmmu:
  5. Finally, from @legalacademia himself, one of the great minds behind the debate:
  6. Some quick statistics from @bileta (NB for @nls read @LawNLS):
  7. See the summary and dashboard sheets in the full Google Spreadsheet for more, and relive the full conversation:
  8. Don't forget to bookmark the Centre's website to keep up with what they get up to next!