#lawtechcamplondon 1: disruptive innovation?

LawTech Camp London was held in London on 29 June. Here's my take on the early sessions, plus some broader reflections - part 2 covers the later sessions.


  1. First, links to some other round ups. @richards1000 has a no nonsense list of resources, and @brayjjc and @brianinkster have put together collections of tweets.  

    (Note if you prefer a slideshow type presentation to this story-in-a-stream, use this link, or put /slideshow on the end of the URL). 
  2. A bit about the event itself. Advertised as a " BarCamp-style community UnConference for new media and technology enthusiasts and legal professionals", several blog reports have highlighted the unorthodox style of the event which seems largely to have come off, although it's the first unconference I've come across with a keynote address - that's lawyers for you! - and there was Definitely. No. Pizza.
  3. The event website did not operate as an event hub - it has a static pre-event feel and a defunct Twitter widget. There did not seem to be an official Twitter account (it took me a while to work out who the organisers were), and no participants list or Twitter list, despite around 200 participants. Hope we'll see a bit more of a 'can do' attitude in relation to event amplification and curation next year. End of lecture! 

    No streaming, although from the tweets it appears that videos will be made available some time in July: 
  4. So thank goodness for Twitter, even with the #worldslongesthashtag. Statistics here - around 1200 tweets during the six plus hours of the event itself, over 200 per hour. And it's still going on at quite a rate - 134 tweets on Saturday 30 June, 90 on Sunday 1 July, several more reports and reviews today. 
  5. I do like following lawery backchannels, they tend to be intelligent and witty, with minimal snark. Not many photos though!    
  6. OK let's start forging through the hefty programme. The first speakers focused on innovation rather than tech per se - with much talk about disruption in the legal market, best of luck with that. 
  7. BTW I'm not deliberately pickng tweets from the distaff side...
  8. On to the pecha kucha...real shame that these information rich sessions weren't streamed (easier for short bursts) or at least the slides put up. I've tracked down three sets and one err...poem: 
  9. PUSH: A Spoken Word Poem about Law, Technology, and Fear
  10. Unfortunately @legalacademia was unable to attend, or there could have been a song as well: 
  11. So, do you want to be the Prezi or PowerPoint...