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On the Occupy Trail with Chris Faraone

Follow the #Occupy movement through the eyes of this Boston reporter. His keen, harsh, hilarious and occasionally kind comments will walk you through the GA's taking place in Miami, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York.


  1. Boston Phoenix reporter Chris Faraone didn't plan to cover the Occupy movement while visiting family in Miami, but national response following the pepper spray incident that took place during the occupy demonstrations in New York ignited a fire in cities and towns across the U.S. Faraone, one of Boston's favorite reporters, began tweeting from Occupy Miami. It gave those of us watching Occupy Boston develop a 3-D view of what was growing out of Occupy Wall Street.

    Revolution is a serious business, and Faraone knows when to tip his hat, or call bullshit, as you'll see below.

    See details from his visits, including camp scorecards, at 

    UPDATE: Here's Farone's own account, Occupational Hazards

  2. Older tweets from Miami aren't available, but here's the summary:
  3. Arriving back in Boston...

  4. After a few solid days with the Boston camp, including a Phoenix editorial meeting held at the tent site, Faraone hatches a plan to compare camps.

    First stop: Washington D. C. ...