1. "As the snow falls in the tiny village of Vrisi a coffin is unearthed and broken open. But to the astonishment of the mourners at the graveside, the remains inside the coffin have been transformed..."
  2. The Art of Social Voyaging
    The Art of Social Voyaging
  3. Anne Zouroudi wins the 2012 East Midlands Book Award, presented by Gavin Bryars
  4. "Some mysterious things happen; some mysterious things are untangled; people who are kind may reap a small reward; people who are cruel will generally pay for it.

    "It's clear to the reader that Hermes really is the ancient Greek god in modern guise, but who, in the story, would imagine that this is the case?" 
    Susan, Goodreads
  5. "It falls into a category we all recognise: the one where you stumble across a writer and character and feel you have found friends you can't wait to meet again" Drayton Bird
  6. "The strong aspect of this book is the evocation of life in small communities in Greece. At times you can almost smell the food and hear voices talking in the cafes, and, for a non-Greek, the description of some local customs is fascinating...." Michael Cayley
  7. "As always I had a great time with this adventure. It was once again a great detective story, this time with a literature related topic. I just love the "fat man" and his style. Mrs. Zouroudi has created a wonderful addition to the world of detectives. Every time I read one of her stories I want to spend my next vacation in Greece! :D " Janosch Fingerhut
  8. "The strength of The Whispers of Nemesis is the evocation of place and community. Zouroudi places the reader firmly in Northern Greece, its culture, social relations and culinary delights." 
    Rob Kitchin, Goodreads
  9. Book Prize winners/shortlists-to read
    Book Prize winners/shortlists-to read