The Messenger of Athens

By Anne Zouroudi, author of the Mysteries of the Greek Detective


  1. "A table by the sea"
  2. The Messenger of Athens
    The Messenger of Athens
  3. " surprising as a classic detective story, and as sad and inevitable as an ancient Greek drama." (Tom Nolan, The Wall Street Journal).
  4. THE MESSENGER OF ATHENS makes Detectives Beyond Borders' Best of 2011 list!
    "Zouroudi is a master of slow, languid pace, of lives stoically lived, and of wrongs righted without sentimentality. What a sense of physical and human place."
  5. The island recalls "timeless, ageless Greece," thinks an outsider, "as if ancient pan pipes might have played here, only moments ago." Locals still slaughter their own goats, and those who transgress against centuries-old traditions of family honor may meet equally harsh ends.

  6. "This elegant mystery has the hallmarks of a classic Greek tragedy." (Carole E. Barrowman, Minneapolis Star Tribune).
  7. Novedades septiembre - Octubre 2012
    Novedades septiembre - Octubre 2012