The Feast of Artemis

By Anne Zouroudi, author of the Mysteries of the Greek Detective


  1. "In sum, beautifully written, expertly plotted and paced, and a great pleasure to read." (Cornflower Books)
  2. "I think that there is something so satisfying about these books. The thought that while the police might not always get their man (or woman), Hermes always does - and in the best possible way!
    I loved this as much as I have loved all the others and I do hope that Anne Zouroudi continues beyond the seven!"
  3. "Oh, Cornflower, I have had this series on my TBR list for too long. It is time now to dig in and start to enjoy them. Thanks for your inspiring review." (Belle)
  4. "I do hope she continues with the series now she's reached the end of the 7 deadly sins" (Muse - Man Booker Shadow Blog)
  5. "One of the joys of doing this blog is that you often find yourself reading books you wouldn’t normally pick up. Anne Zouroudi’s The Feast of Artemis nestles further towards the ‘cosy’ end of the spectrum than I’m used to, but its clever storytelling and mysterious protagonist drew me into what was a deceptively sharp tale" (Crime Thriller Fella)
  6. "Anne Zouroudi is a very gifted writer and her penmanship makes Dendra and its problems seem very real. I love her descriptions of Hermes, especially when he bends down to clean his white shoes, and was saddened by his frustration at his increasing girth. I hope he is back to his usual cheery self in his next outing and am already looking forward to reading it." (Karen - Euro Crime)
  7. "A marvellous character, solving an intriguing mystery. This book is most highly recommended." (Lizzie Hayes - Promoting Crime Fiction)
  8. "I love this series! The Mysteries of the Greek Detective are a sparkling and entertaining lot of stories, all set in a modern-day Greece" (Lindy Jones - ABA Text Publishing Bookseller of the Year 2011)
  9. "This is not a book to read on an empty stomach and certainly not one to read on a diet. As much a culinary safari as a crime tale" (Judith Sullivan)
  10. "I borrowed it today, and finished it today. It is an enjoyable read. It is a crime novel with a nemesis as the detective" (Anthony Wong, Goodreads)