The Doctor of Thessaly

By Anne Zouroudi, author of the Mysteries of the Greek Detective


  1. "Zouroudi's latest mystery brings the Hellenic vibe tantalisingly close...The plot works well, but more diverting still is Zouroudi's atmospheric portrait of this austerely beautiful backwater." (Emma Hagestadt, The Independent (UK))
  2. "[Diaktoros'] guided tour through the villagers' envy, lost loves, and hard-edged justice is as enlightening as it is entertaining. Zouroudi's straightforward style wisely allows room for the characters' relationships to provide the story's complexity. Recommended for those who would enjoy Alexander McCall Smith darkened a shade or two." (Booklist).
  3. "Sophisticated classic mystery fans will welcome Zouroudi's third Deadly Sins mystery. Apart from her empathic lead, Zoroudi's evocative prose is a plus: "When the wind blew, the corrugated iron roof-lashed down with rope and weighted with rocks-sang like the haunting dead, rattling its own percussion"." (Publishers Weekly ).
  4. "A plus-sized Poirot with a more puckish personality...[Hermes'] droll interactions with hapless locals, along with Zouroudi's intricately detailed depictions of small-town dynamics, should hold readers' interest." (Kirkus Reviews).