The Taint of Midas

by Anne Zouroudi, author of the Mysteries of the Greek Detective


  1. St George's Bay in Symi, Greece, where the Mysteries started...
  2. "Appealing...In Anne Zouroudi's talented hands, Arcadia comes across as a once-lovely place with traces of the old, fresh, aromatic island still intact, but with ever larger swaths smashed by the machinery of industrial tourism." (Richard Lipez, The Washington Post).
  3. "Lyrical...a lovely paean to the Greek islands." (Publishers Weekly)
  4. "A leisurely paced contemporary steeped in Greek mythology...With its wonderful premise for a mystery series, this entry captivates. Hermes is a fastidious philosopher, making this perfect book group material. Highly recommended, particularly for Alexander McCall Smith fans and perhaps the Nero Wolfe set as well." (Library Journal).