A Mystery Solved

All about Anne Zouroudi, the author of the Mysteries of the Greek Detective


  1. We arrived at night; there was nothing to see,” Anne recalls. “But the next morning, I opened the shutters of our rented house, and bam! Love at first sight. The brilliant blue sea, the scent of herbs on the breeze, the timelessness of the place… It was the first moment of a love affair which has lasted twenty years.”
  2. "Anne Zouroudi writes beautifully - her books have all the sparkle and light of the island landscapes in which she sets them". (Alexander McCall Smith)
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  4. "Absorbing and beautifully written and reveals the savage, superstitious reality behind the pretty façade that is all that most of us know of any Greek island" (Literary review)

  5. Anne Zouroudi at Great Shelford
  6. "Zouroudi has created an unique character and her own, different to other normal crime stories, way of fascinating the reader.
    "I am not sure if we could call our charming and funny Diaktoros a private detective. He is such a natural character and person. Every story about him is a pure joy. Wonderful described world and captivating atmosphere.
    "I really recommend the series! Every single book in it is readable without having read the first one and you will have a thrilling time. Go and pick one up!"
    .. (Janosch Fingerhut, Goodreads)
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  8. "Matt Preston of Aussie Masterchef reports a love of white shoes, and time spent living in Sifnos.. might he be interested in playing Hermes? Could he be our man????"
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  10. "A cracking plot, colourful local characters and descriptions of the hot, dry countryside so strong that you can almost see the heat haze and hear the cicadas - the perfect read to curl up with" (Guardian)
  11. "So tonight I have a date with Bradley Walsh and David Tennant. Well, not with them personally. It's the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards, and I'll be on a table at the back of the Grosvenor House Hotel ballroom and they'll both be down the front. But looking forward to it immensely regardless. Posh frock and gold shoes!"
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