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Is journalism about the story while blogging is about the blogger?

Someone said this in a Google Plus discussion thread and I put the question to my Twitter followers. Here's what they had to say.


  1. I asked Dave if he thought blogging always added a layer of opinion on top. He responded thusly:

  2. I asked Terry to elaborate on this. He then said...
  3. An interesting point. As a writer, I can say with absolute certainty that this is true. So perhaps the most opinionated blogger and the most "objective" journalists are equally putting themselves into the story, but in differently perceptible ways.
  4. Chiming in, Ike Pigott reminds us that "stories" are somewhat obsolete. This is of course something Jeff Jarvis (and probably others) have written about.

  5. A tad off topic perhaps, but we could possibly make the argument that bloggers think this way more than professional journalists do. Thus a blog post is a more obvious expression of "process" over "story" than a traditional newspaper article.

  6. Quite true. For instance, all the sites listed here might be considered blogs but they are very much about their stories.
  7. Along the same lines, a Chicagoan who's in journalism school and blogs about politics for Gaper's Block said this:

  8. Perhaps reflecting the experience of many, one tweeter responded to my query with a weary sigh. When I asked for elaboration, this was the response: