Pre-Colloquium Development Workshop at EGOS2016: Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication

EGOS2016 in Naples started with a pre-colloquium paper development workshop about Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication organized by Andrew Crane, Mette Morsing and Dennis Schoeneborn, co-editors of the Special Issue Business & Society related to the same topic.


  1. Egos 2016 | 32nd Colloquium Naples, July 7-9
    Egos 2016 | 32nd Colloquium Naples, July 7-9
  2. Before the event, the expectation for the PDW CSR & Communication is growing!

  3. 6th of July 2016: let's start the workshop!

  4. Dennis Schoeneborn (Copenhagen Business School) welcomed the participants and introduced the format of the workshop.
  5. Presentation of the Special Issue of Business & Society

  6. Andrew Crane (University of Bath) presented the Special Issue of Business & Society "CSR and Communication: Examining how CSR Shapes, and is Shaped by, Talk and Text".
  7. The Special Issue seeks to expand and enrich the body of research on CSR and communication. Specifically, it aims to examine the role of talk and text (including verbal, visual and written communication) in shaping the nature and meaning of CSR – and how CSR meanings in turn shape such communication. 
  8. Panel discussion: “How CSR shapes, and is shaped by, talk and text”

  9. Panel discussion with four top scholars in the area of CSR and Communication, discourse and narratives: Jana Costas (European University Viadrina), Jean-Pascal Gond (Cass Business School), Timothy R. Kuhn (University of Colorado at Boulder), and Guido Palazzo (University of Lausanne), moderated by Mette Morsing (Copenhagen Business School).
  10. Here you can find the video recording of the panel discussion. Enjoy all the 57-minutes...
  11. EGOS Pre-Conference Panel on CSR and Communication
  12. ...and some tweets from the panel discussion