Nutmeg at Finovate 2012

Here is how the writeup of Nutmeg's success at Finovate could have been enhanced (with focus on Twitter as an example):


  1. Adding tweets talking about Nutmeg and its presentation at the show are a great way to enhance the coverage and show real feedback and positive sentiment. They should act, however, as any other links to content created by others, and include URL link to the source as well as the creator's Twitter username. An elegant way of including a tweet in a blog post write up is by embedding it (see below). This way a reader can not only be sure the quote is correct but it also enhances Nutmeg's brand if the tweets come from respected or relevant industry authority.
  2. Include multimedia. An interview with the CEO is a great way to present the product, humanize the brand as well as offer visual cues to those that are unlikely to read long paragraphs of text. 
  3. Nutmeg: Providing Private Banking Services to the Masses [INTERVIEW]
  4. Similarly with photos:
  5. -
  6. It can also be useful to link to further coverage from the event for those who want to explore a little more. The following page, for example, had a live transcript of what was happening:
  7. Three more ideas for using Twitter during the event:

    1. Using Twitter's proper functionality in terms of retweets or replies significantly helps with discoverability

    2. At an event like Finovate where there's a high tweeting density, a lot more engagement could have been done directly on the day, e.g. with people who weren't even directly replying or mentioning @thenutmegteam
    it's crucial to make the most of the people who might be 'tuning in' to the conference/event channel even from outside, by following the hashtag and tweeting investing links or fun facts with the hashtag attached, these would have been seen by anyone trying to monitor tweets from Finovate on this day

    3. Unless you're replying to someone specific, never start a tweet with a Twitter handle as this tweet will only show up to those Twitter users that follow both yours and this specific account, e.g.: