A Poem a Day for National Poetry Month

This series began with a prompt from Rachel Held Evans.


  1. Day 1: Letter needing no stamp, "Mr. Zed"
  2. Day 2: Summer Storm, Dana Gioia
  3. Day 3: Across a New Dawn, Kofi Awoonor
  4. Day 4: Song of Hiawatha, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  5. Day 5: Funeral Blues, W. H. Auden
  6. Day 6: Christ's Passion, Mary Karr
  7. Day 7: The Mark of the Beast/The Mark of the Lamb, Tania Runyan
  8. Day 8: A Miracle for Breakfast, Elizabeth Bishop
  9. Bonus 1: More recollections of Bishop on the ArtRecs blog.
    Bonus 2: A haiku response to today's news of a major online-password security flaw:
  10. Day 11: Slow Pleasures, Luci Shaw
  11. Day 12: Several poems from Marilyn Nelson's Carver: A life in poems
  12. Day 16: #workhaiku

    This is my first post-

    Vacation haiku. Does that

    Deserve champagne? Hm.
  13. Day 17: Selected #workhaiku