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    6c838c4402 it IS misleading; which part do i not understand? LieRenFTW You sure destroyed her with that. - Ignore the Product Keys and Downloadbuttons; they won't work without a 1000$+ MSDN subscription - We know that we have the correct version from the ISO filename. I am down loading the ISO file as I type this [taking several hours-big file and slow over my network+ DSL connection should have made a direct connect to the DSL router.] .
    I know that in the past I have had issues with certain PCs when changing the boot order in that it can take a few times for it to actually boot in the order I have specified.
    The system image download and clean windows 7 install recovered my OS successfully and then I had to download the software installer for my laptop and all was recovered and as good as new! I give five stars to this article!!! james us 3minit for download RCKY Thank you Richard! I need this iso image for the exact reasons you stated in your article. Instructions on how to do that are here. My laptop crashed and I had an old Wind 7 and downloaded it. I am trying to download windows 7 ISO but it seems that download URL is super slow. Microsoft also provides other software via the TechNet Evaluation Center.
    or you can watch videos from You Tube Im Maltese ok thanks Ron Hall Windows 7 Home Premium takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to download. Another option I thought about is to download your files again, but this time the English version, May it work or will it probably be a waste of bandwidth and HDD space? Thank you A LOT for your quick and kind response, I will keep you updated if I manage to solve it You a