1. This was the final keynote for #mootau12 and it was awesome!! Thomas Cochrane is an Academic Advisor (eLearning & Learning Technologies) and his presentation on mlearning was thoroughly eye-opening and engaging.  I have run a mobile technology workshop at uni twice now but this one by Thomas Cohcrane inspired me to do more and extend on what I had learned and demonstrated previously.  Here are some of the key notes and comments made...
  2. I asked the question below and got a lot of answers that included, Textforce and TaskPaper amongst others.  I will definitely be checking out more apps.
  3. Like Molly below, I left this keynote thinking... wow, so may new apps to download and explore.  I had Wikitude downloaded during presentation and was playing with it as I rode the train home.  I can relate to the question shared in the above tweet too, how is it possible to keep up with the ever-changing nature of technology and enormous range of tools out there?  I don't know but I'll try and that's why I blog too, to keep up and digest/reflect on what these tools offer education.
  4. A highly recommended presentation and all the resources shown were of great value!! I am certainly going to follow the work of Thomas Cochrane more because it is very enlightening and inspiring... a true innovator!