AGILE 2017



  1. Personal summary of my AGILE 2017 experience
  2. Pre-conference workshop: space, time, and semantics

  3. 1. Shihong Du: natural language from geometries
  4. Du, S., Wang, X., Feng, C. C., & Zhang, X. (2017). Classifying natural-language spatial relation terms with random forest algorithm. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 31(3), 542-568.
  5. => Better navigation instructions!?
  6. 2. Margarita Kokla: from text to geographic location
  7. 3. Mir Abolfal Mostafi: from point clouds to geographic features
  8. => Good enough to determine pavement type!?
  9. 4. Meihan Jin: Geolife trajectory analysis in PostGIS
  10. 5. Bülent Onur Turan: ontologies & standards
  11. 6. Marinos Kavouras: spatial thinking for visually impaired
  12. 7. Margarita Kokla
  13. Announcement: JOSIS special issue on WS topics (open access & no publication fee)
    e.g. Mazimpaka, J. D., & Timpf, S. (2016). Trajectory data mining: A review of methods and applications. Journal of Spatial Information Science, 2016(13), 61-99.
  14. Conference day 1

  15. Keynote by Rector Arthur Mol
  16. EstimatingThe Use of FADsAround the WorldAn updated analysis of the number of fish aggregating devices deployed in the ocean
  17. Parallel sessions #1
  18. Situated Reference Resolution for Pedestrian Wayfinding Systems (18)
    Jana Götze and Johan Boye