Writers: You Should Be Using Storify

Writers: have you heard about Storify? Have you tried it?

  1. What is Storify?
  2. A new way for curation.
  3. The story behind Storify, new real-time curation service
  4. Why do people use Storify?
  5. I truly love how Storify allows you to document breaking news in real time using the social space. The earthquake in Mexico, which thankfully was not as bad as it could have been, gave me the opportunity to do this today. Big thanks to my colleague Chris Taylor for writing the post and getting the story out on Mashable so quickly! My thoughts are with those affected.
  6. Xavier Damman (Storify) talks about social media optimization
  7. How do people use Storify?
  8. Use Storify And Geo Search To Build Your Neighborhood Blog
  9. Storify, come funziona. How to use Storyfy, a guide