Kent Addison's Artwork


  1. An accomplished artist with ties to Maryville University will have his art featured at the Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery beginning Saturday and continuing through June 17, according to a report from The McPherson Sentinel.
  2. 74-year-old Addison is from Wildwood, but grew up in Springfield, IL. He attended college in St. Louis at Washington University, where he studied sculpture with Richard Duhme.
  3. Duhme passed away in 2005.
  4. Addison went on to earn a master's degree from the University of Notre Dame, after which he returned to St. Louis to teach at Maryville University.
  5. Between 1955 and 1992, Addison's work primarily consisted of sculpture created with clay, wood, stone, cast bronze and welded steel, the Sentinel reports.
  6. Around 1980, Addison began to experiment with watercolor still life studies.
  7. The  Maryville University Connection

  8. Addison founded the Maryville University Art & Design Department, where he spent 34 years teaching. 

    "Since art professor, Kent Addison joined Maryville University 45 years ago, our art and design programs have continued to expand in both size and scope," reads the Art & Design program page at Maryville's website.
  9. Addison and a group of students posing with their artwork.
  10. Addison's Work Receives National Acclaim

  11. Addison's talent shines through in both his sculpture work and his watercolor masterpieces.
  12. "I use symbols to imply abstract ideas. My main objective is to construct a synthesis of the natural, the abstract, and the imaginary, and so bring into existence a language of personal symbolism." ~Kent Addison