Fixing Blocked Drains the Cheap Way

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  1. Fixing blocked drains doesn’t mean you would have to spend hundreds of dollars for the job. In fact, you can use some of the items at home for declogging purposes and that would mean you won’t spend anything just to get your drain unclogged. Here are some effective ways to keep your water draining properly.

    ·         Use your plunger. By using this simple tool, you can easily put an end to minor drain problems in your bathroom floor or toilet. This tool is available in every house or residential area and there is no need for you to spend anything for it.


    ·         Baking soda and vinegar. This type of clogged drain solution can also be had by taking a few steps to your kitchen. Mix a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. When it starts sizzling, pour the mixture immediately down the drain. The mixture is most effective while there’s fizz on it. Leave the solution for a couple of hours before pouring tap water on the drain.


    ·         Boiled water. You can also provide remedy to your blocked drains by boiling water then pouring it over down the drain. This will melt accumulated grease or cooking oil and would allow them to drain slowly for the water to start flowing freely again. As a precaution, do not pour used cooking oil on your sink when washing the dishes. Collect the used oil in a tin can or milk container then dispose it properly on the garbage bin.


    ·         Salt and water. Create a brine solution by mixing water with table salt. Mix the solution well then pour it on the drain. This will eliminate bad odor and prevent grease and grime from building up. This solution is ideal for clogged kitchen sink and also as a prevention technique to keep your sink from getting blocked.


    ·         Mechanical snake. If you have this at home, this is an excellent way of unclogging your pipe. Use the mechanical snake to push the sediment out from your drain then clean the pipe with water. If these simple steps do not work, call a professional plumber or boiler repairs technician for assistance