Personal Branding & Privacy

EID100- Week I


  1. Personal Branding: Although this term can mean different things to different people, it's safe to say that the bottom line is marketing yourself.

    With the rise of social media and interoperability, personal branding became much easier to do.

    How often do we meet someone, or know of someone, and attempt to find them on social media networks? Based on their profile, did they just give us an impression, without meeting them face to face? Probably.

    Now think about your profiles. What impression do people get simply from looking at your profile? That's your personal brand.

    Social networks now allow us to find just about anyone. We have the opportunity to keep in touch with everyone in our lives in the comfort of our own home, just a click away. However, future employers can also find us on these sites.

    Those who use social media aren't aware that employers can perform "social media background checks". Afterall, why not post pictures of your vacation? Why not share your experience with everyone? Employers check your profile to ensure that you're a strong and the right candidate for their company. Then again, most people probably aren't even aware that social media was a method of "selling yourself" to an employer.

    This article includes an employer who decided to check a candidates LinkedIn account, and realized that he wasn't fit for the position, despite how strong he performed during his interview.

  2. Sites such as facebook that allow us to upload just about anything about anyone can be very harmful to one's image. Privacy settings could be one way to protect drunken photos or other vulgar material that could be lying around on your profile. We can now ensure that we're not tagged in our friend's videos and pictures, so you can monitor what's being said or shown about you.

    Here's a video of just how anyone can find just about anything about you, if you're not careful about your privacy settings.
  3. Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'
  4. Social networks are also extremely beneficial if you're looking for a job. You can now display your strengths and qualifications online just by taking the time to add the appropriate information to your profile. Here's a good article that provides tips that could help you ensure that you have your online privacy, while ensuring that personal brand is still protected.
  5. This next article leads to my question. This was back in 2004, but I remembered hearing about this story, and this is why I chose to write about personal branding and privacy for this week's storify. In short, this stewardess who worked for nearly a decade with the airline got fired for posting pictures of her on the job.
  6. Here's my question: Where should the line be drawn between professional and personal on social networking sites? Should we not post our photos of our cute pets, or a picture of a significant other, because it might influence our employers impression of us? Is a separate, personal site appropriate?