eLearning & Digital Culture - Angela's Network of Sites

A collection of sites for use in the eLearning & digital Cultures MOOC. University of Edinburgh, 2012. Links to twitter, view from my bedroom... my favourite window of opportunity! Thanks flikr, my blogspot, youtube channel (cheeping birds for my 9yo son) and my tertiary online course of choice, IHS


  1. Twitter is something I have never embraced, but have become curious about since enrolling in eLearning and Digital Cultures. I've learned its power in connecting with a community with shared interests. The immediacy and intellectual fix can be pretty engaging.  
  2. I'm not yet sold on flickr, but will continue to use it for the course and see if it grows on me!
  3. Baby birds in a nest cheeping a lot
  4. Graduate Certificate in Integrated Human Studies - Open Universities Australia