Lawyers Offer Free Service to People Affected by Trumps Ban

Around the country, lawyers flooded to airports in order to give free legal help to those being detained after Trump signed an executive order, banning immigration from seven majority muslim countries.


  1. On Saturday, January 28, 2017, President Donald J. Trump passed an executive order that stopped the entry of refugees and immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries. This ban has exploded throughout the country, as many show their distaste to the new law through protest and petition.
  2. Muslim Ban Protests: Photos From Around the Country |
    Muslim Ban Protests: Photos From Around the Country |
  3. This ban has caused much strife in many airports throughout the country. Some including Kennedy air port in New York, Philadelphia and San Fransisco.
  4. Hundreds of lawyers descend on airports to offer free help after ...
    Hundreds of lawyers descend on airports to offer free help after ...
  5. One of the major reasons these attorneys are offering pro bono legal assistance to immigrants is because many of them are being sent back over seas, even though they have their green cards. Many families anxiously awaited their family members who escaped war torn Syria, after working for their green cards for over 15 years, only to find out their family was sent back, with no legal help.
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  7. These lawyers are running into trouble though, since customs and border patrol are not freely giving away information about the immigrants coming into these airports.
  8. Even though there seems to be a struggle in gaining the information about these immigrants being sent back overseas, the lawyers have set up makeshift offices in the terminals, and are refusing to leave until all people get their right to legal consolation.
  9. There are still many lawyers at airports around the country offering as much help as possible to all those affected by this sudden ban. These protests at these airports are not just holding up traffic, they are taking a stand to this unconstitutional executive order, and showing that there are still many people out there with eve the slightest bit of human decency, who are willing to put in a helping hand to those who may not otherwise have had any assistance whatsoever, and could possibly have been taken extreme advantage of.