Antenna Research

My perspective on the Antenna Research ARG

  1. It all started with a mysterious text that I got out of the blue for the "Antenna Research beta launch". I admit I got a bit cross when they wouldn't stop texting me, and I visited the website url listed in the text. 
  2. I sent them an email (a bit angry, I'll admit) and was assured that it was not Russian Sexy things that would charge me $3.99 a minute. I agreed to continue with the project.
    A few days later...
  3. After this more texts started to come and they started getting weirder...
  4. A few of my readers were already becoming concerned at this point, but I have a savvy readership and a few had already figured out what was up. 
  5. I watched eXistenZ and @mrhyde81 was right - there were a lot of common threads with what I had been experiencing! I decided to wait and see what would happen next... and a few days later...
  6. After I texted "in vivo vertias" back to the number, it called me immediately! A really creepy robot voice told me I needed to be synced, and it played a really strange ethereal soundrack. After that I had to answer a number of personality-test type questions, pressing "1" to agree or "2" to disagree. Some of them were innocuous... "I'm often overwhelmed by my emotions.", "I want to become fully human." The last one asked "I am not afraid to use violence if it serves a higher purpose." to which I disagreed. The machine voice told me "You have decided to end this process" and abruptly hung up on me!
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