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Editor's choice | November 2013 | ASBMB Today

Random stuff I saw and collected.


  1. In the journal Nature: "My life with Parkinson's"

  2. I really liked this essay for two reasons. First, as many of you know, I've made it part of my mission at ASBMB Today to get scientists to get personal through essays. Second, it reminded me, a little bit, of one of our Derailed but Undeterred pieces. Except, in ours, it's writer's wife who has a degenerative disorder. Both are very touching.
  3. Obituary: Augusto Odone, dedicated father portrayed in the film "Lorenzo's Oil"

  4. I'm not sure how I missed this news back in October.
  5. What BMB students are saying about their profs on Twitter

  6. Yes, I picked only the tweets that wouldn't get them in trouble. #gotyourbackkids